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We are officially under new ownership, all subscriptions have been cancelled for the time being to prevent any billing and shipment issues while we get settled into our new location.  Once things get ironed out and reorganized from the move, we will be back!  Keep an eye out and feel free to visit us on Facebook for the most up to date info.


Suspended until further notice! Thank you all for your support, but we have taken a hiatus. We may return under new ownership but are not currently accepting new subscriptions. We will send out an email with details if and when COTM is relaunched!


Sign up by the first of the month to receive that month’s box!

The Quick & Dirty:

10 Comics A Month.

Only $21.99!

$5 shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

Comic of the Month Club is an awesome monthly comic subscription box for comic book fans everywhere. Subscribers receive 10 personally curated comics every month. Just make sure to fill out our preferences page after subscribing. Then, all you have to do is wait for your box to arrive. We ship once, per month, on the 15th. If the post office is closed on the 15th, we ship the next possible day. But the best part is…

The Comics:

Comic Of The Month- Classic

We have a huge range of titles. Of course, we carry Marvel & DC, but we also have some great independent publishers like Vertigo, Image, Chaos! and more. We have titles all the way from the Silver Age to the Modern Age; you are going to get some awesome stuff. And we have you covered in case you end up with duplicates.

This is a great, inexpensive and fun way for all you comic book fans to get some really interesting books to read on a regular basis. Join the Comic Of The Month Club today and get the best comic subscription box money can buy!

For those ordering boxes for children: We are happy to try our best to fill our comic box with appropriate material; after you subscribe, we will ask you if the box is for a child. However, we cannot read all the comics and objectionable material may slip through. If you are concerned about this, please check the box before giving it to your child. Thank you!

The Subscribe Button (For International Subscriptions, please click here)

Terms of Payment (When Do We Charge & When Do We Ship)

You can sign up before or after the cut-off date, which is always the first of the month. After sign-up, we will change your next payment date to the first of the month.

For instance, assume Spider-Man has been a little busy and signs up on May 2, which is after May’s cut-off date. We would send his first box on  June 15th. He would be charged for the second time on July 1 and we would send him a box July 15th. He would be charged every first of the month until he cancelled to go fight crime.

Batman is more with it and signs up on April 28, which is before May’s cut-off date. Batman Will be charged on April 28 and be shipped his first box on May 15th. Batman would be charged for a second time on June 1 and would have his second box shipped on June 15th.

We’ll never bill you for a box we don’t ship you. If you have any questions on this system, please let us know.